The blog post show off a featured image as well as blot title and the date it was created. In line with a totally now trend this free eSports Divi Theme Layout Pack hits the spot. Just download a similar layout pack and use that contact page. It’s a premade template perfect for a the cryptocurrency industry. In this instance the choice of service is for a make-up artist. One could imagine that there are quite a few political candidate websites up on the interwebs. A bonus for both newbie Divi Theme users as well as experienced web designers. These are homepage, about page, blog page and a contact page. The page layout templates include a landing page very useful for sales or lead campaigns, home page, about and services pages as well as a blog and contact pages. Among the seven different page layouts within this pack, there is a services page and a shop page which is well laid out to promote products and special deals. Although it is specifically designed for a Notary Public professional it can easily be adapted to serve any other professional such as an accountant, actuary, medical doctor and more. No problem. Images and animations have been created to mimic water and bubbles. It is a powerful layout for any daycare company. For the inner Divi page layout templates there is an about and contact page. It’s a multi purpose pack that can be used for a wedding or engagement website and of course could be easily adapted to wedding anniversaries, a bar and/or bat mitzvah, a quinceañera or birthday celebration amongst many special milestones. A homepage and landing page, about and contact page, a useful music and events page as well as a services page template.For the DJ business there are some useful images available to use for free. Get 69 Divi Layouts made by Divi Den Pro for Free, Copyright Divi Den 2020 | Impressum | Privacy Policy, Cookies and GDPR | Affiliates. It is part of the Elf Bundle free Xmas Cheer Divi Den sent out before Xmas 2017. It means no cost to the users downloading the product. A free Divi layout pack designed for an online store. In this article, we’ll look at 12 awesome Divi blog layouts to help with your next Divi … There is enough content areas available for you to use to talk to your customers. Landing pages are always useful and it’s not a bad idea to build these up front even if the business does not have plans for a sales or promotions campaign. Keep your visitors up to date with your news using the Divi blog module. Memphis design is an 80s design stlye that uses bright colors and lots of shapes and lines The bright design pattern is a lot of fun and creates attention to the design. Even if you are just promoting a mailing list, having a landing page right at the beginning already available for an online campaign is good planning. There are several page layout templates in this pack. This colourful page layout pack will appeal to video game players. All you need to assemble a website quickly and easily to serve the industry of cyber security. A blog is also part of this page template selection. Five cute Divi theme blurbs with icons sit under the hero image. Funky learn more blurbs with an interesting box like design are what greet the website visitors on arriving at your website. A well thought out page layout pack. Dividoc is a free layout pack designed for the Divi theme. This pack has everything you need to set up an online spa business, including unique layouts for showcasing services, listing price packages, booking appointments, and a blog. The Portfolio and project pages will also help to show the freelancer’s capabilities.As for most websites there is a Blog. Of course, there are lots of blog layouts to get you started. With several sections included, it will give you a modern and a professional homepage to start with, in only a few clicks. Change the images, add text with your own font and tweak the colour to suit your or your client’s wellness business and you are ready to go. The events are laid out with images and event detail with a call to action button. As usual there is a Landing page which is always useful as a sales and marketing tool. A slightly more striking layout than usual lists the services and the service detail page makes provision for good size copy rounded off by a Divi Testimonial module. For smaller businesses offering this service this free Divi layout pack would work well. Lovely layout pack by Elegant Themes. Elegant Themes design team created an awesome Nutritionist Layout Pack this time around. These layouts can also be used for a personal coach, yoga instructor, health gym coach and more. It is also effective when driving visitors to book appointments. Also great for handicraft artisans such as knitters, weavers or musical instrument makers. This design uses flat vector imagery that is accented with bright and saturated colour. Has a text block on the left side for short description and Call to Action Button. Thes fun blurbs have an image, icon, text and call to action buttons. It has an about page, car listing page, service page and the all important contact page. The layouts themselves are well done and the design elements good. The affiliate pays our commission. The homepage and landing page have large images and very small text blocks. All the modules, rows and sections are easy to use. It’s always difficult to find reasonably priced or even free images of people. A pricing table and video slot will help web designers build a good looking website with this Elegant Themes layout pack.Other pages in this pack including an About and pricing page layout, the services page has an additional services detail page, the blog is useful for content for the site and a contact page finishes off the page layout templates available in this pack. Whatever your interest in food, this homepage layout would be great to showcase your passion in food. These are just some points to note when using a divi theme or any other page builder to compile the layout of a homepage. The dates for these events are in a circle creating an interesting effect. This is a slightly different type of Divi Page Layout Pack. Elegant Themes is offering this free Divi Theme layout pack for a nursery business. Of course blurbs are also just as easy to use on any other page too. It has a modern boxy design. Creative use of Divi theme shape dividers is used throughout the website. If you have answered yes to any of these then, Getting started with Divi Den Pro – tips, tools and tricks, Hover effect Divi Person Module for Stylists, 28) Free Spa And Wellness Resort Divi Layout, 34) Bank website Free Divi Theme Layout pack, 35) Bed and Breakfast Free Divi Layout pack, 39) Carpenter Free Divi Theme Layout Pack, 41) Cleaning Company Free Divi Layout pack, 44) Cryptocurrency Free Divi Theme Layout Pack, 48) Digital Marketing Free Divi Theme Layout Pack, 49) Digital Product Free Divi Theme Layout pack, 50) Doctor’s Office Free Divi Theme Layout Pack, 51) Professional Divi Layout Pack for a SaaS Business by Elegant Themes, 53) Beautiful Florist Divi Layout Pack for Divi Theme Users by Elegant Themes, 56) Elementary School Free Divi Theme Layout Pack, 57) Environmental Nonprofit Free Divi Theme Layout pack, 61) Furniture Store Free Divi Layout pack, 63) Creative Divi Layout Packs for a Pottery Studio by Elegant Themes, 66) Health Clinic Free Divi theme layout pack, 67) Internet Service Provider Free Divi Layout pack, 68) Investment Company Free Divi Layout pack, 70) Job Recruiter Free Divi Theme Layout Pack, 71) Language School Free Divi Layout Pack, 72) Laundry Services Free Divi Layout pack, 78) Painting Service Free Divi Layout pack, 79) Personal Stylist Free Divi Layout pack, 80) Personal Trainer Free Divi Layout pack, 82) Physical Therapy Free Divi Layout pack, 86) Political Candidate Free Divi Layout pack, 87) Professional CV Free Divi Layout pack, 88) Risk Management Free Divi layout pack, 91) Technology News Free Divi Layout pack, 93) Vibrant Hosting Free Divi Layout pack, 95) Website Freelancer Free Divi Layout pack, 96) Wedding Engagement Free Divi layout pack, 97) Wedding Planner Free Divi Layout Pack, 104) Cyber Security Free Divi Layout Pack, 117) Mortgage Broker Free Divi Layout Pack, 120) Home Improvement Free Divi Layout Pack, 10 Compelling Reasons To Use Free Divi Layouts, 10 Reasons to Love the WordPress Divi Theme, 4 Reasons Why I use the Divi Builder – a Web Designers Rationale, 5 Reason to Use a Great Foodies Free Divi Layout, Great Examples of Where To Use A Divi Template, Need a Health Spa Website? For web designers using the Divi Theme to make their lives easier this Pharmacy layout pack is a perfect start. The Event Layout has the following modules: This awesome free Divi Theme layout pack is generic enough to be used by any type of business. The colours might not appeal to everybody but those would be easy to change in any case. It has a lovely calming feel to it which is achieved through the use of the blues and general layout principles. It flows well, covers all relevant points a Life Coach might want to make to tell her clients that she knows what she is doing and makes it clear what her offer is. And any conference website would need the speaker and schedule pages that are included as well. Landing and home pages for long page layouts are always necessary. Single Post Layouts for Divi is a pack of five layouts. About, contact and blog pages are included in this easy to use pack. A rental vehicle section with easy to update text and a call to action reserve now Divi button. This Divi Theme Layout Pack for a Paralegal business has all the right modules. Web designers using this layout should just be a little careful to tweak the responsive view. However, one has to remember that many civil servant jobs such as chief of police are in fact political appointments in the US. Lovely Divi layout pack for a Mortgage Broker. It uses blue as the main colour and the free Divi pack comes with  100% free images and icons. There are some different design elements that make this Divi Page Layout Pack worth taking a closer look. Arranged in square boxes in two columns, this Divi blog layout gives your blog a unique touch by adding a distinct background image to each blog post. Divi Double Button layout lets you display 2 call-to-action buttons side by side on your webpage. Responsive of course. Inner pages follow on with this funky theme. This layout page has eight different page designs. The homepage has a pleasant layout and easily encourages visitors to move on to check inner pages such as About, Services and Contact pages. Divi is an excellent theme for blogging. Not quite working on a smaller browser window. Three trendy looking image Divi blurbs are featured on the landing page. Added to this are a services landing as well as a services detail page and a well laid out pricing page template. That is items such as products, services and a brief history of the farm to show credibility. Additional pages available in this pack are the About page, a blog, a coming soon page to advertise new games or versions, a community page to encourage interactions with gamers, as well as a support page. Besides the normal home and landing page, the pack comes with an about and contact page, a product page, a shop page and a blog. The freebie offers good suggestions on what kind of items you might need on a podcast website. We have 5-star reviews. Adapt the layout using different colours, fonts and images add text and it can be used for a range of food businesses. Couldn’t be a better deal. Good CTA’s, calls to actions, are included in the design. It also has a intro text section for you to add your story in. It takes a bit of thought to decide on what navigation elements are needed and what inner pages might be important. Affiliate Disclaimer: Links on this website may be affiliate links that could result in us receiving compensation when you purchase a product or service from that link. The images have a filter image on hover animation effect, The Divi Blog Layout Page has a Subscribe to email Call to Action. The page templates available in this pack include a landing page for sales and marketing purposes. A striking header, a blurbs section describing the services offered, a bio or about us module and a CTA using a form. With the fitness industry going through major changes due to the Coronavirus pandemic many fitness coaches will find themselves without work. Of course wedding planners are not the only event planners. `Might also be useful for a family or personal coach. Divi blurbs are there with icons to show off your services. A good selection of pages will cover most of the requirements. Copyright free images and icons are also available. Reviews are next and are very important to help convert visitors into customers. eSports competitions are huge nowadays with mega prize money enticing competitors world wide. A Divi page layout pack that serves the medical professions. The background is white with an orange highlight. There is the landing page perfect for promotions or lead generation as well as collecting a mailing list for instance. Great colours, excellent images and nice layout make this a page layout pack worth getting. Amongst the pages in this layout page template pack are a landing page. Nowadays website developers use images and illustrations. The design is staggered and this creates and a very interesting effect. It’s not easy to find a free podcast or music focused website. Of course as freelancers it is only possible to make money with one’s own time and it might be very useful to use this Divi page layout pack for an own website. Divi Double Button layout lets you display 2 call-to-action buttons side by side on your webpage. The page layout pack is designed to showcase a painting service in a variety of ways. Divi Den also tries to help with queries and support as best as possible even though it is expected that designers have some knowledge on how to use the Divi Theme. The hero section is split into two sections. This free Divi Theme Daycare Layout Pack has a perfect blend of professionalism and playfulness. Check the collection of 30 Best Divi Layouts to see which ones you might like to get. Trending categories and simple yet effect with background images and typographic design. For use with the Divi Theme. Mind you, you can still use the layouts for any other trade business. After all it is free from Elegant Themes. May also be used for a mushroom or herb farm or flower specialists. More specials are sitting under this and are a great way to get your visitors bussing about your products. Lovely stylish Divi Theme page layout for a Resort business in the hospitality industry. This Divi Layout Pack by Elegant Themes includes eight page layout templates. These free Divi layout packs are targeted at web designers who have small business clients. Probably would need to change the colours for veterinary practices in the countryside. It’s an effective way to present longer content which users can access if they wish but scroll past easily if not. There doesn’t seem to be a contact page, instead the contact me form replaces the footer. The homepage consists of several sections which you can easily edit. A blog and contact page make up the full bundle of free Divi Theme layouts. Free Divi homepage layout for an insurance broker website. Use this very professional design to give your business a brand new website. Here are Top 10 Best Divi Blog Layouts 1. The page layout has the following elements: This Blog landing page can be used for any website’s blog. Staggered images show off activities in your gym. So easy to use after you have loaded it from the Divi Theme library. The designers at Elegant Themes have put together a very useful freebie. An extensive bundle of layout packs and business tools to make web development fast and profitable. Our Catalog lists all the best free and premium products from every seller in the global Divi community. You can use this divi page layout for an artist such as a painter, sculptor, potter or textile designer. This layout pack comes with an eye catching Hero image section with a strong call-to-action. What do you need to show your visitors to inform them of you as a person as well as the service or product you offer. Here are the components to this Free Divi Page Layout. This website has affiliate links. Enhance pages and reduce your build time with these perfectly designed Divi layouts. As per usual, this layout pack would also work for other related businesses. Great layout pack for a physical therapy practitioner. The demo content is neutral enough to be used for any Dentist and you can use it today to get your website up and running fast. The colour is a dark green with a light green highlight. All images are included for free use. Beautifully designed Divi templates. This layout pack comes with a homepage, contact page and blog page. We get a commission if you click one of those links and buy a product. Find and replace to change fonts and colours. These are the page layout templates available: Landing page, Home page, Contact and About, Blog, Team and Resources page. Shop for Divi Layouts today! This template gives you all the necessary tools you need to complete your website through the use of Divi Theme blurbs, content, FAQs, etc. The hero banner has a call to action form as well as a learn more button on the left hand side. The contact us page has three Divi blurb modules with icons included. This is the general trend nowadays as businesses try and avoid having to write copy for their websites. This layout adjusts the number of columns based on the device. Show off your product with a walk through video. Contact details are displayed in the header and are visible straight away to the website visitor. As usual this layout may also be adapted to other medical doctor practices such as dermatologists, dentists or a General Practitioner. Shop for the best Divi layouts today! Of course this free Divi Layout Pack could be used for any sport club too. Get your images and content ready to drop in to the layouts once you have loaded them from your Divi Theme library. The highlight colour is a vibrant green which fits in the design perfectly. Bold testimonials with a short intro next to it are designed with conversion in mind. Show there photo, name and short bio. Training videos are available to assist. The design uses a modern font. There are some images and illustrations that you can re-issue copyright free. With 34 Modules, the Elf Bundle is a really nice free Xmas Gift. Images have been included which are 100% free to use in your website. This free divi layout to be used with the Divi Theme is also suitable for a general consulting business, personal coaches, marketing or PR specialists, in-bound marketers and more. Check out the Divi Theme. Add to this the illustrated icon selection and you can easily get a website assembled in a few days. Besides the normal about Divi page layout template, rooms and room detail page, restaurant page, contact page template there is also a Landing Page layout that can be useful for lead generation or sales campaigns. Block three from the left is the one advertising the most popular offer. The modules on the homepage follow logically offering latest news, player comments players or testimonials in a slider, list of scheduled matches, a CTA to register a team and a form to capture enquiries. Six blurbs are displayed in grid and all have unique icons and read more buttons. Rewrite the copy, add own images and a portfolio. Display your speakers using the provided Divi person modules. For Divi Theme users this page layout pack offers a homepage, landing page, two different service layouts, contact and about, as well as a menu page showing the different options of donuts available. A bold and fun free layout pack available in your Divi library today. Choice of fun colours, funky icons and colourful images make this website perfect for its purpose of a Home Improvement business. Don’t know much about Elegant Themes or their Divi Theme yet? It’s so easy it’s scary. 10 Divi Layouts for Resume Websites 1. As with all free packs this comes with a landing page which is always useful to drive more leads, sign-ups and run special promotions with. Full web design UI Kit bundle with 78 premade Divi modules, business tools and assistant plugin. As web designer you obviously have control over how many images you might use with this free Elegant Themes page layout pack. This layout comes with free images and has use of a lot of interesting shapes. Get your website visitors interacting with you by showing them your offers and contact details. Review details. All the important elements are shown on the page. This freebie is part of the Elf Bundle. Having said that, use these pages to promote your eBooks, online courses, possibly even online cooking demos, make-up classes and more. It not only promotes eBooks but also has the start of a full ecommerce page. Also useful are the free to use illustrations and icons. The page layout offers the following elements”. Divi multiple layout pack perfectly designed to promote the skills and services of an SEO agency. As always there is a landing page for sales or lead generation marketing campaigns, a nicely laid out homepage, about and two different services pages, a blog and contact page. These three Divi Blurbs Modules were offered on the 7th Day of Divi Den’s Xmas Cheer. For web designers who use the Divi Theme this Divi Therapist Layout Pack might appeal. A Xmas Gift over 12 days of Xmas fun with a total of 34 Divi Modules. Edit this live to see your content changes in real time. The Divi theme is a theme developed by Elegant Themes that is proving to be immensely popular due to its great design and extensive range of features which includes the easy to use Divi page builder tool. Large block with image and on scroll icon reveal. Use the Divi themes visual builder to edit the content live on the page. This could be a horse riding or a gymnastics instructor just to show the variety. in a hurry with an unreasonable deadline, whenever not, and need quick help with an idea for a website page? would love to work more quickly so you can spend more time with the family or take on double the amount of work for higher return? This lovely Divi About Layout for the Divi Theme is based on a module in the Pixie Bundle and was made to show how a module in the Pixie Bundle could be adapted and made to look quite different when reworked for a new purpose. This Divi Theme pack is so well designed you could easily use it for any online webshop. It works on all devices, and what’s best – you can download it for free. Besides promoting a nursery these layouts could work for a business specialising in vegetables, or garden tools, perhaps courses for gardening, a herb or indigenous plant shop and a flower store amongst many. And if your business is very busy then you have the opportunity to increase your fees. Tail end project management tool layout designed to send to your clients when their sites go live. That is the deal must be clear at a glance. The black background makes the white text on it pop up at you. Check it out via the link provided. Change text, colour and images to suit the new site. Delight your users with your show reel. This particular Free Divi Page Layout for a homepage has been designed to be used for a creative agency whether graphic or web design, photographer or interior designer to mention but a few. These Divi page layout templates cover many different aspects of the business associated.

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